What Would You Write If No Limits Existed?

It’s that wonderful time called summer where the heat and the outdoors is calling and I’m surrounded by my kids who are out of school. I’m leaving this weeks writerly post for Writing Wednesday to Zara who discusses writing without worrying about marketability. Enjoy!

Zara Edmonds Books

What would you write if you could write anything at all? What would you write if you perceived no restrictions? If the opinion of publishers and critics meant absolutely nothing? What would you write?

Seems like a simple question. But it isn’t. At all. Especially for anyone who began writing before services like CreateSpace existed. Because all of us writers who hoped to be published always had that filter in our thought processes. Will an agent like this story enough to represent it? Will a publisher have enough confidence in its marketability to publish it? A terrible filter, harming if not destroying creativity before its very inception. Deflecting and diverting and skirting the essential, the heart of the writer’s being, altering and transforming it into something other. Into something people might like, into something generally acceptable. Is there anything worse than that? Twisting and contorting the creative soul to suit…

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